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Turn your man into a Premiership Hunk

There’s no getting away from it – us girls love watching football. OK, so maybe we don’t know a centre half from a striker (don’t they both score goals?), or the offside rule (see pg 150 for a girlie explanation), but we do know that footballers have a great body – (and some even have great hair)!

These boys train every day, eat healthily and are at the peak of fitness – it’s no wonder we want to snag one for ourselves. Sadly, most of them already have a WAG by their side, so we’ve got the next best thing – a diet and exercise plan to turn your chunk of a man into a real-life hunk…

The diet
If your man’s favourite pastime is knocking back pints on a Friday and Saturday night, swiftly followed by gorging on a super-size kebab, he’s likely to develop a belly – and that’s a red card offence in our book!

‘The body breaks down alcohol first, then carbohydrates and protein, and finally fat,’ says a spokesperson from the British Nutrition Foundation (BNF). ‘When we drink alcohol it’s less likely that the fat will be broken down – it will be stored instead,’ explains the BNF.

Your man might not be jumping for joy when you suggest he swaps his pints of beer for pints of nutritious and detoxifying fruit juices. But promise him a few loving treats in return and he’ll soon be hooked.

Top premiership footballers play up to 55 games in a season – that’s a lot of minutes running up and down a pitch. On top of that, they will train for at least two hours around five days a week. Not surprising then, that they need to follow a healthy diet to fuel their workouts. Here’s what to feed your man…

The exercise
Footballers go through intense weight training, long gym sessions and daily yoga to keep their bodies in top condition. Celebrity trainer, Matt Roberts insists: ‘All men have ready-defined six-packs, it’s just for most of them they are hiding under a layer of fat! If this fat is removed by exercise and a low-fat diet, they’ll be the proud owner of a six-pack.’ Yay! For all-round physique development get your man to try this body-shaping programme, devised by Matt. It focuses on building a bigger top half to create that manly V-shape. Mmmm.

Matt advises three 45-minute sessions of cardio training a week, doing such activities as running, swimming or cycling.

‘Work out with weights every other day. Include a light 10-minute warm-up, train for no more than an hour, and finish with stretches’, explains Matt. He recommends that you repeat each exercise no more than 16 times on each body part.

Chest it!

Decline press-ups
Lie face down on the floor with your feet up on a bench and your hands on the floor, so that your shoulders are lower than your feet. This will help to build up the chest, shoulders and arms.

A fantastic way of building up the back and biceps. Use a pull-up at the gym and lift your whole body weight.

Shoulder press
Sit on a bench with weights in your hands. Lift them as high as you can and bring them down again, so your arms are at 900 at the elbows and level with your shoulders.

Lay face down on the floor. Slowly elevate your body so that just your elbows and toes are in contact with the floor. Keep your back straight and your body low. This isolates the abs making them work incredibly hard.

Eat like a footballer
Get him to split his diet into this premier-tastic ratio:

60% carbohydrates: slow-released sources like pasta, wholewheat grains, veg and brown rice
25% fat: stick to healthy unsaturated fats found in oily fish
15% protein: choose lean meats and combine with plenty of fresh, colourful vegetables

Don’t miss breakfast – If he skips this all-important meal, he’s more likely to snack on something unhealthy mid-morning. A bowl of porridge or a sugar-free cereal is perfect to keep his body ticking over till the next meal.

Eat small, regular meals – Most footballers don’t eat three square meals, instead, they opt for four to six smaller meals – or snacks – throughout the day. If your man copies this way of eating, he’ll find his energy levels don’t fluctuate so he’s less likely to succumb to a big fry-up or greasy burger and chips at lunchtime.

Stay hydrated – Our bodies are made up of 80% water and footballers replenish lost minerals and water through sweating by drinking sports nutrition drinks (and the odd orange) at half time.

Celebrity trainer, Matt Roberts, says ‘Your man should drink water regularly. Special hydroactive waters, available in sports shops and health food stores, have a higher sodium content and can help your body absorb the water more quickly.’ Good advice! So, pop a sports drink in your bloke’s gym bag and eventually he’ll get into the habit of topping up his fluid intake.

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