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Get Sheree’s Look

Make-up artist Melissa Busk-Cowley created Sheree’s 60s look
Sheree loves the smoky-eyed look from the 60s, so I brought it bang up to date with an iridescent twist. I began by priming Sheree’s skin and eye area with Mac Micronized Airbrush Foundation, a light and highly pigmented formula that looks great.

I then brushed on Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat in shade No.2 around the eye area – concealing any shadows and creating an additional base for the dramatic smoky eye make-up.

Next, I applied a Stila Smudge Pot in Navy over the lid, keeping it darker along the lash line and blending outwards. This created a gorgeous deep colour and instant drama!

Over this I applied a beautiful Iridescent Navy Eyeshadow from MAC, once again blending outward. At this point I cleaned up any stray eyeshadow flecks under Sheree’s eyes.

I then sharpened the contours of Sheree’s brows with the Airbrush foundation and applied a generous amount of Lancome mascara.

I lined the inside of the lower lid with a Blue MAC eye pencil, then balanced out the look with Nars Cheek Colour in a bright pink shade called Desire.

I finished off with lips lined lined in pencil, then blended over the entire lip and glossed with Mac Lipgelee in Slicked Pink.

Finally, a dusting of Mac Mineralize Skinfinish Natural powder ensured a natural-looking matte finish.

Think big glossy hair, dramatic eye make-up and fab shift dresses – Sheree loves the 60s look and so do we! Here’s how to achieve Sheree’s latest sexy look…

For this look bin your beloved straighteners. Not only do they make your hair flat and lifeless, but they damage it too. Instead, wash your hair with an intensive conditioner and blow dry to create masses of volume. Think big and glossy!

Monochrome is VERY 60s – and that’s black and white, not black and yellow, so make sure your teeth are at their gleaming best! Brush twice a day, morning and night – and don’t forget to floss too.

Our favourite 60s invention has to be the mini skirt – why not try a sexy but sophisticated little mini dress, like Sheree’s lovely little red number? Team it with a pair of Mary Jane heels. Style icons? Just think Twiggy!

Avoid the embarrassment of flabby bingo wings by sneaking in some extra exercise – our
fave way is carrying heavy designer shopping bags. It’s a win-win situation!

Soft alabaster skin was in during the 60s – and you’d do well to recreate it now. So stay out of the sun, slather yourself in moisturiser and exfoliate like crazy to keep your body’s biggest organ in tip
top condition.

Wearing all those minis will mean that your legs will be on display – so make sure they’re fuzz-free. If you hate your legs you can always opt for a pair of opaque tights – they come in a huge range of colours and look fab!

Standing up straight can actually make you appear thinner – so instead of dieting for a week to look great in that dress, just puff out your chest and throw your shoulders back. It’s an instant makeover for free!

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