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Rob Holdway’s foreword

Our modern lifestyles can be hard work for the planet and we’re often made to feel guilty for everything we do. With eco-pressure on the increase from politicians and the media, even simple tasks like deciding what to feed the family and how to travel to work can feel like a green minefield.

This issue of at home will dispel many environmental myths and reveal the truth behind the green headlines. It will answer all your eco-dilemmas and offer advice on how you can help save the planet (and save money) by making simple changes to your home and the way you live. Too many environmentalists focus on where we should be, but we can’t be somewhere else – we’ve got to work with what we have now. I’ll offer practical solutions on how small changes can make a big difference (yes, really!) whatever your situation.

As director of one of the UK’s leading environmental consultancies Giraffe Innovation, I advise the Government and businesses worldwide on how to improve their products and services. In this issue I’ll reveal the secrets to greening your business and show how you can reduce the impact of your daily grind. What’s more, my tips will save your company money, boost its profits, and your boss’ opinion of you, too.

My background as a designer means I love developing ways to represent our ecological footprint in a visual way. That’s why I directed the Waste from Electrical and electric equipment (WEEE) man project ( a seven-metre-high, three-tonne sculpture created from the electronic products that just one British person will get through in their lifetime. The sculpture was launched outside London’s City Hall and is on display at the Eden Project in Cornwall.

My latest project, Changing Habbits, takes visualisation even further, allowing you to create a humanoid model, called a Habbit, of your individual impact on the environment. Go to to create your own Habbit by answering some easy questions about your lifestyle.

Last summer I spent three weeks on a landfill site in Croydon filming the Channel 4 series Dumped. The programme highlighted how saving the planet isn’t all about problems in the Amazon or Arctic. It starts with us, at home, so read on to discover the difference your actions can make to creating a better planet.

Rob Holdway


Green Future
Here’s what’s coming up for me next year…

  1. Consulting
    I want to continue to spread the word about climate change through my consultancy, Giraffe. This will include a new version of the Changing Habbits project. Why not try it for yourself at
  2. Leadership
    I’m looking forward to effecting more change via my role as a ‘London leader’. Go to
  3. Offsetting
    One of the things I’m most excited about is the launch of a carbon offsetting scheme – OPE. For more details go to

Written by Rob Holdway
First Published in At Home with Rob Holdway, November 2008

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