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Let’s plan a green future

Environmental issues continued to hit the headlines last year. From raging forest fires in Australia and California to record rainfall and flooding in the UK, the effects of climate change were visible around the world.

On the political front, 2009 saw world leaders gather in Copenhagen for a UN summit on climate change. Although an agreement was reached, it set low targets and failed to create legally binding goals – the summit probably created more carbon emissions than its outcome will ever save. However it did ensure a splash of green matters on the front covers of the worlds’ press.

The biggest headliner of last year was the recession.  With the global economy in downturn, most of us were forced to learn to live with less. While it’s tempting to abandon green intentions during financially challenging times, the environment should benefit from our frugality.

By reducing our spending, we lighten the load on our pockets and lessen our burden on our planet. Despite our penny pinching the sale of ethical goods has not dipped, proving the nation’s heart is stronger than its economy.

It’s been an exciting year as I settled into my new roles as a London Leader and Professor Associate at Brunel University; along with becoming a dad for the second time!

I’ve enjoyed my recent position as business editor of National Geographic Green and was delighted that my Changing Habbits project was used for the trophies at this year’s Observer Ethical Awards.

I’ve spent much of last year at Giraffe Innovation advising individuals and businesses on how they can cut their consumption and spending and reduce their environmental impact. In this month’s at home I’ll provide tips on how you can do the same, around the house, on the move and at work.


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