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Welcome to at home with Nicky Hambleton-Jones

Dear readers

It’s great to be able to bring you this brand new magazine that will help you to look and feel 10 years younger.

You may be wondering why you should strive to look younger – what happened to ageing gracefully after all?

And I agree completely – you should make the best of what you’ve got. But rightly or wrongly we do pass judgement on the way people look and most of us want to look good for our age. That doesn’t necessarily mean major cosmetic surgery – applying sunscreen and having a good hair cut 4 for example can make all the difference in the world. And if you follow some of my advice in this magazine you will look so fabulous that no one will give a second thought to how old you are.


I’ve had a very busy year – we are currently filming another series of 10 Years Younger, which will be aired early next year. We did some incredible transformations in the last series. You might have seen the feisty Terri Wardner whose original poll age was 64 and she ended up with a poll age of 40 – an amazing 24 years off and 10 years younger than her actual age. Read her fascinating story on page 136.

I’ve also been writing a new book called Top to Toe, which is a complete transformation guide and I head up my personal styling agency Tramp2Vamp which keeps me very busy too.

No doubt your lives are as hectic as mine and sometimes it is difficult to make the time to keep looking fabulous. It is hard work, but when you can step out of your house, knowing you look the absolute best you can, then you will walk with confidence and feel much better about yourself.

What we are striving to do with this magazine is to give you sound advice on how to feel good on the inside as well as look your best on the outside.

So dip in to find out everything you need to know about looking good and feeling fantastic!


Nicky xx


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