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Tips from Nicky Hambleton-Jones

Create a capsule wardrobe this season, dress for your shape and get expert anti-ageing advice from Nicky.

What’s hiding in your wardrobe?
Keep your look updated with a few basic essentials

‘When it comes to clothes, everyone has different needs. But I believe there are 10 basic items every woman should have in her wardrobe,’ says Nicky. ‘The capsule is the heart of your wardrobe, which you can add to each season to create a new look – and each item can be mixed and matched with others.’


  1. Little black dress
  2. Classic trench coat
  3. Crisp white shirt
  4. Luxurious cashmere sweater – wool is a cheaper alternative
  5. The ‘perfect’ jeans – no mean feat
  6. Tailored jacket
  7. Gorgeous black jacket that makes you look slim and sexy no matter what
  8. A knee-length skirt
  9. A pair of sexy court shoes that can be worn all year round
  10. Fabulous leather handbag in any colour. From Top To Toe by Nicky Hambleton-Jones (£16.99, Hodder & Stoughton)

Beauty is skin deep
‘Many of my friends are turning 40, says Nicky, ‘and quizzing me about their skin. Women who always said no to any cosmetic work now have Botox on their mind. It’s fantastic for softening crow’s feet and forehead lines, but consider peels, too, to keep skin youthful.’

Thin girl slim
Drop a dress size without losing weight…

  • Wear fitted clothes on the largest part of your body – loose, baggy clothing only makes you look bigger.
  • Use accessories to divert attention away from your worst bits towards your best features. If you have a hippy, pear shape, avoid big belts and wear chunky necklaces to draw attention upwards.
  • Wearing well-tailored clothes will sculpt your body into shape.
  • Wear darker colours on the biggest part of your body.
  • Thicker, stretchy fabrics are more slimming than soft silky or satin fabrics as they mould your body into shape rather than following bulges.
  • Wearing the same colour top and bottom will make you appear tall and slim.
  • Don’t forget your heels. A few inches can do wonders for your shape. From Top To Toe by Nicky Hambleton-Jones.

You know you need a makeover when…

  • People start offering to help you cross the road because you look so damn old (and you’re not near 40).
  • You used to turn heads, now you turn stomachs!
  • You’d be pleased with a wardrobe malfunction – but full on technical breakdown would sum it up better.
  • Where once your complexion was like peaches and cream, now it’s more like Weetabix and sour milk.
  • The last time you had a haircut Margaret Thatcher was in power – and that was because your mum forced you to go.
  • Healthy eating is strawberry jam on toast – it counts as one of your five a day doesn’t it?


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