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Nicky’s road to fashion

When Nicky Hambleton-Jones was made redundant for the third time in two years she decided to have life coaching

Nicky wanted to change her life – she was 30, single, with a large mortgage and no job. But even though she was at rock bottom, she knew she was destined for fame and fortune. ‘Even though there wasn’t any evidence to support it, I believed I was special, that I was different and destined for greatness,’ she says.

She went on holiday and wrote descriptions of her ideal lifestyle, job, and man. ‘I still marvel at how, in less than five years, most of those dreams have become reality,’ she says. So how did she do it and how can you turn your life around in a similar way?

The ‘eureka’ moment
Nicky knew that she needed to make some big changes in her life, but she realised she needed an expert to help her turn her game around. So she contacted life coach Suzy Greaves.

‘I’ll never forget my first coaching call with Suzy,’ says Nicky. ‘The first thing she asked was,

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