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Hello from Nicky Hambleton-Jones

Autumn’s a great time to update your look

Spring has sprung and summer is well and truly over, so I hope you all took inspiration from my February issue to give yourself a fresher and renewed outlook on life. Last time I talked about how my life was about transformation – and it looks like the wheels of change are well and truly continuing to turn.

I’m happy to say I’m six months pregnant and getting rounder by the day. If there was ever a life-changing experience, then having children has got to be the pinnacle. I’m very excited and slightly (or rather very) terrified at the prospect of being a mum.

I think my biggest challenge is going to be juggling work and baby, while trying to maintain a glam look. I guess, I’ll now be able to road test the words of wisdom I’ve given to all the mums out there, first-hand. But enough about me, this issue I’ve got a fabulous line-up to enable you to look and feel younger from the inside out.

Whether you’re considering a nip or a tuck to slow down the ageing process or a fashion fix that enhances what you’ve got – fear not, I’ve got it covered. I look forward to catching up with you next year, when I’ll be able to report back on how I’m coping in the world of the Yummy Mummy. Happy reading!

Nicky x

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