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Mummy dearest…

Mother-daughter relationships have long been a topic of media fascination… we take a look at some of the most famous – both good and not-so-good.

Most women live in fear of turning into their mothers, but they usually share a pretty special bond. Whether your mum’s your best friend who you can chat to about the latest summer trends, or someone who you’d never take fashion tips from but know you can rely on in a crisis to calm you down – she’s undeniably played a pretty important part in shaping who you are.

We check out some of the most high-profile mother-daughter relationships in the public eye…

Lorraine Kelly, 48, and Rosie, 14

‘I can’t believe I’m the mother of a teenager,’ says Lorraine, pictured here with a younger Rosie. ‘So far, there haven’t been the moods that I put my poor mum through when I was that age, but I’m sure I’ll get my fair share!’

Lorraine recently dropped a dress size to get back to a size 12, and one reason for this was to be a good role model to Rosie. ‘I wanted her to see I was eating healthily and exercising, rather than dieting.’

When she was named Celebrity Mum of the Year in 2006, she admitted being in awe of the other mums. And while she loves being on TV, Lorraine says her most important job is being a mum to Rosie.

Maria Church, 42, and Charlotte Church, 22

‘Mum’s more like my sister because she’s so young and gorgeous.’ said Charlotte a few years ago. And their relationship has shifted even more in recent years, as Charlotte has supported Maria through suicide attempts, stints in rehab and bouts of self-harming. From the looks of it, the superstar daughter has coped with the pressures of fame far better than her mum.

Early on in Charlotte’s career, Maria was labelled a pushy mum, doing everything she could to drive her talented daughter into show business. Charlotte shot to fame after appearing on the TV show ‘Big, Big Talent Show’ in 1998, and by 2007 she’d sold more than 10 million albums.

Like most mums, Maria was wary of her daughter’s first boyfriend. When Charlotte flew the nest at 16 to move in with bad-boy rap DJ Steven Johnson, she admitted: ‘Mum’s worried for me. She’s really protective. But there are so many parents who don’t agree with their daughter’s boyfriends.’ No doubt Maria was relieved when they broke up a year later.

In 2005, news that her husband James had cheated on her drove Maria to take a painkiller overdose. Then, when Maria revealed she’d been self-harming for 17 years, Charlotte took over as her carer. ‘She is a thousand times stronger than me,’ said Maria at the time. ‘I brought up a strong daughter and an amazing young woman.’
After a spell in The Priory for alcohol and depression problems, Maria managed to get back on an even keel. Now, Charlotte’s focusing on someone else – her baby daughter Ruby. Maria thinks Charlotte will quit fame as apparently ‘all she cares about is being a good mother,’ she says. ‘And she’s doing a pretty good job so far.’

Sarah, Duchess of York, 49, and Princess Beatrice, 20

So close is Fergie to her daughters Beatrice, 20, and Eugenie, 18, she refers to them all as ‘the tripod’. ‘It’s such fun because we go out on the pull together,’ she adds. She might be in danger of becoming an embarrassing mum, but Fergie is fiercely protective and has always tried to do her best for her children.

Staying close friends with her ex, Prince Andrew, meant that the girls didn’t suffer. ‘They always went out of their way to make us feel loved and secure,’ remembers Eugenie.

And these days, both daughters sing her praises. ‘She leads by example and her behaviour is one that I would like to follow. I see myself as a mini-mummy,’ says Beatrice.
Fergie launched a war of words earlier this year when a newspaper criticised Beatrice’s bikini body. ‘I just think they ought to take more responsibility,’ she said. ‘I think Beatrice’s comment was,

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