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Lorraine Kelly: savour the moments

lorraine kelly_15_06_12Lorraine’s daughter, Rosie, 17, is in her final year of school and is close to leaving home to go to university.

‘I’m dreading Rosie leaving,’ says Lorraine. ‘It’s going to be difficult, but that’s the way it is and it’s natural for her to want to be independent. I will really try not to let her know how hard it will be for me!’

But having always been a working mum, Lorraine says the guilt that comes with it is inevitable. ‘When Rosie was very small I was getting up so early in order to leave the house at 4am, but I was back to collect her from school, which was great. I felt like I had jet lag all the time but I got to spend the afternoon with her and went to bed at the same time as her as well!’

She remembers one incident when Rosie was three and had been cast as Mary in the nativity. ‘I had a radio show at the time, and I said to my boss that I was really sorry but I had to have the day off and he refused so I repeated that I simply couldn’t miss this. In the end, he gave in because he could see it was so important to me. I remember every second of that play including Rosie holding the baby upside down and I know I wouldn’t remember what had been on the radio show that day, had I worked. Moments like that are too important to miss.’

Having always worked Lorraine says it’s important to get a balance. ‘I don’t understand these career women who have an elective Caesarean and go back to work the next day, but many women don’t have a choice and have to work. Some would much rather be at home I’m sure, but childcare is an issue. I would love to see work places with crèches attached as well as more job sharing and part-time jobs on offer.

‘Two people who both have kids sharing the job would be brilliant because they would enjoy the work/life balance and the company would get the best from them because of that. Childcare is so expensive and it’s crazy when women don’t have the choice.

‘It’s a massive political issue but it’s not a priority and is right down on the agenda – much more should be done about it.’

This article was first published in at home with Lorraine Kelly in April 2012. [Read the digital edition here]

Photograph: Brian Aris

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