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Lorraine Kelly naked

lorraine naked_15_05_12Earlier this year, ITV1’s Lorraine launched a competition to find the uk’s most natural beauties – free of make-up, fillers and cosmetic surgery! here’s what happened next…

Could you show the world your face without any make-up on, not even mascara? More than 8,000 women were brave enough to send photos of themselves into a competition on ITV’s Lorraine show, but they weren’t dolled up to the nines. In fact, the stipulation was that they were untouched by a surgeon’s knife, had never had a filler or botox and that they wore no make-up in the photo. At all.

‘We’re not saying make-up is a bad thing, but we’re encouraging the natural look,’ the producers on the show said. ‘We want people to be proud of their natural features without the need to enhance them.’ To promote the competition, Lorraine herself posted a video showing her having all her make-up removed and hair let down. And she still looked fantastic – a true natural beauty.

‘It’s a big ask showing yourself without make-up,’ said Lorraine. ‘A lot of women wouldn’t even go out of the front door without it on, but I wasn’t surprised at how amazing so many of the entrants looked because I do think some people look better without make-up – especially if the make-up they are wearing is not applied that well, which can be so ageing.’

The six finalists were chosen for their ‘good personalities and for being 100% natural’. The viewers then voted for their favourite woman in the two categories, the under 40s and the over 40s. Meet the finalists – and the winner – of the over 40s category…

The Winner!lk naked_winner_runners_up_15_05_12

Jill Moore
Age 49, from Sheffield (Image Middle)

‘I feel very happy about winning because I was a bit hesitant about entering – I didn’t really think I had a chance. Now, I couldn’t be happier. It’s amazing.

‘My family and friends tell me that I have nice skin and look younger than my years and my mum always tells me I appear more youthful when I wear less make-up. My daughters tell me I look as though I am in my 30s.

‘I start the day by cleansing my face with a gentle face wash. I then moisturise and apply eye cream, which I then use as a base for my make-up. At the end of the day, I remove all my make-up with damp cotton wool and Vaseline. I then tone and moisturise my face and neck.

‘I’d say I look like my dad – I get a lot of my features from him such as my skin and eye colour and the dimple in my chin!’ Jill won an all-expenses trip to a modelling shoot in London, to appear on posters in Superdrug stores across the country, as well as featuring in the shop’s in-store magazine, Dare.

The runners up!

Serena Soong-Pocock
Age 42, from High Wycombe (Image Right)

‘My family says I look young for my age and that always makes me feel good. Even when I have make-up on, I don’t look like I have any on. My hubby says I am naturally beautiful and I hope he is right!

‘I use Oil of Olay products to cleanse and moisturise but my good skin may also be down to genetics. I think I am a good representation of women over 40 who have aged gracefully. I feel good about how I look and about myself in general. I love being in my skin.’

Debby Williams
Age 51, from Hackney, London (Image Left)

‘Friends and family are divided on their opinion about my looks; my mum and youngest daughter want me to colour my hair but others say I’m brave! Friends say my skin is good and strangers tell me I have a nice smile.

‘I’m not sure where I get my looks – my mum’s skin is amazingly soft but the premature grey is from my father. I’ve been grey for years but stopped colouring last year.

‘I use Clinique Clarifying Lotion to moisturise my face and I always use body lotion. I try to drink hot water and lemon first thing in the morning to cleanse my system and I drink healthy green supplements and take omega 3 oils.

‘It’s been tough lately, with family health issues and I was made redundant last April, so this whole experience has been really amazing for me.’

The Grand Finale
All three finalists were nervous when the winner was announced.

Beating off thousands of women from around the country, the three finalists of the Lorraine: naked over 40s competition stood nervously as the winner was finally announced live on the Lorraine show. The winner of the 40+ category, Jill Moore, was presented with a bouquet of flowers and joined by delighted winner of the under 40s category, 18-year-old Florence Colgate, from Kent.

This article was first published in at home with Lorraine Kelly in April 2012. [Read the digital edition here]

Photographs: Lorraine photo; Ken Mckay/ITV

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