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Celebrity Health Tips

susannah constantine_28_05_12We’ve rounded up the celebs to get their insider secrets on how to be healthy and happy…

Health & wellbeing

1. Knock hangovers – and colds – on the head
‘I have some great hangover cures that really do the trick. I take two aspirin before going out, plus almonds to line my stomach, and another two aspirin before I go to bed, along with a Berocca. If I still wake up feeling bad, I swear by Coca Cola and a big fried breakfast – I believe eating as much as possible alleviates the pain. And, at the first sign of a cold, I give the virus a knockout punch of vitamin C –1,000mg every couple of hours.’

Susannah Constantine, 49, of fashion advice duo, Trinny & Susannah

2. Get into a water routine
‘To make sure you are keeping up the amount of water you drink, every time you go for a wee, have a glass of water afterwards. Then, the more you drink the more you wee, and the more you wee the more you drink!’

Lorraine Kelly, 52, TV presenter


3. Keep your machine well oiled
‘Start grooming yourself – even if it’s just five minutes of moisturising every day. It will replenish your skin with oils that are essential in making you look good naked and it will also get you used to touching, and knowing, your body.’

Gok Wan, 37, stylist and TV presenter

4. Always scrub and prime your skin
‘I love face scrubs. I always begin make-up on a model by using Aveda Exfoliant, a liquid exfoliant that wipes off dead skin cells. Then I use Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch, a skin primer that I apply on the lines that run either side of your nose and mouth, inner corners of the eyes, over open pores and to smooth the forehead. It allows whatever I put on top to go on better and last longer.’

Ruby Hammer, 50, make-up artist

5. Consider your options
‘I would never have plastic surgery. I’d be frightened of something going badly wrong. And expensive skin creams are a hell of a lot cheaper than a facelift.’

Lorraine Kelly

6. Don’t use lack of time as a reason not to take care of your skin
‘I’m a fan of multitasking beauty products so I love Dr Prenna Jones Formula 2006, a skin lotion that’s infused with vitamins. It cleans, purifies and moisturises in one sweep. It leaves my skin looking really healthy and fresh.’

Louise Redknapp, 37, former singer and TV presenter


7. Friendship is a good basis for romance
‘My husband, Steve, and I have always been a good team (when we worked together). We were actually friends for a year before anything happened. It took him a year to make a move on me!’

Lorraine Kelly

8. Singletons: don’t compromise
‘Be very clear about what you want. Women in their 30s can get desperate and just say: “I want anyone!” But then you ask them: Do you want a smoker? They say no. Do you want someone overweight? No. Well, it’s better to be alone than to waste time. There’s always an element of compromise, but to be attractive to someone, you’ve got to have that energy. That’s what keeps the spark alive through the years, and too many women, as they get older, forget that. He’s sweet, they think; he’s nice. But you’ve been single for 30 years, so why would you compromise now? Go for gold!’

Nicky Hambleton-Jones, 41, fashion stylist

9. Don’t let things get stale
‘Give each other a kick up the bum and plan six fun things you can do together this week. They don’t have to take loads of time or be complicated. It might be to take a bath together, try a new restaurant, see friends you haven’t seen in ages, a decision to start making plans for that longed for holiday. Continue doing this for a month. If you’re not enjoying each other’s company four weeks later, while lounging around that fabulous resort, yes, you’re in trouble.’

Tracey Cox, 50, sex and relationships expert


10. A few Small changes can mean big results
‘I did Rosemary Conley’s diet. What I love about it is that I can still have all the things I like, just a bit less, or with less fat. One night, my husband cooked beef stroganoff and used Greek yogurt instead of cream. I had no idea – it tasted just as good as the unhealthy version.’

Coleen Nolan, 47, TV presenter

11. Take your time and savour your food
To digest food and absorb its nutrients, your body needs to produce stomach acid and digestive enzymes. It takes time to do this, so it’s better to cook food from scratch as the cooking smells stimulate the digestive process. We tend to eat on the run when we’re busy and anxious, which is not ideal as the stress hormones can switch off digestion.’

Gillian McKeith, 52, nutritionist

12. A ban on bingeing
‘I don’t ban anything. I have crisps and sweets in the cupboards, but not loads. And by not banning them I’m much more sane about them. When I didn’t allow myself anything in the house, I’d go out and binge on stuff.’

Nadia Sawalha, 47, TV presenter

13. The harsh truth about diets
‘The only way to lose weight is to eat less rubbish and do more exercise. It’s that simple and that hard.’

Lorraine Kelly

This article was first published in at home with Lorraine Kelly in April 2012. [Read the digital edition here]

Photograph: PA Images

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