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A day in the life of…Lorraine Kelly

When I am working on GMTV I wake up around 5.15am and have a quick shower and wash my hair. I usually just throw on some comfy clothes and head out to pick up my car. On the journey to the studio, I’ll flick through the morning papers and recheck my notes on guests and items in the show.

By 6.30am, I’m in the studio and it’s straight into the dressing room I share with Kate and Emma. Then begins the usual agonising decision about what to wear! It’s make-up next where Helen or Simon transforms me into a human being.

I have a quick catch-up with the producer while I am having my hair done to go over any changes that need to be made to the scripts and any breaking news that needs to be covered.

Before my slot actually begins, I’ll do a short trail on the GMTV sofa with Ben, Andrew, Kate or Emma to let the viewers know what’s  coming up. Between 8am and 8.30am, I go through the running order to finalise things, plus meet my guests and put them at ease.

There’s always a buzz when I’m actually doing the show – and the time goes so fast. Once it’s over, I have a debrief and meeting with the team about the next day’s show.
Then it’s time to go through letters from viewers, do some research, and perhaps even see a screening of an unreleased movie or meet up with friends. I try to go for a long walk in the afternoon to get some fresh air before returning to the next day’s scripts and briefs that get sent over to me in the evening. I spend a few hours doing my ‘homework’. I try to go to bed early, but I’m often up watching shows I have sky plussed! Bliss.

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