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60 seconds with Lorraine Kelly

lorrainelastwordWe grabbed a minute of our celebrity editor’s time to find out what makes her really tick…

‘My favourite things’…
Spending time with her husband and daughter is Lorraine’s absolute best thing in life. She likes to enjoy the ‘simple things in life’. But what else keeps our girl going?

Best… way to relieve stress?
‘A Jo Malone bubble bath with scented candles, a good book and a glass of wine.’

Best… way to spend a weekend?
‘Going somewhere like Orkney, where you can walk for miles, enjoy exploring amazing sights and eat the best seafood in the world. At the end of the night a lovely Highland Park whisky goes down very well – made in Orkney and heaven in a glass.’

Best… indulgence?
‘Eating a whole chocolate orange every Christmas morning.’

Best… way to exercise?
‘I do a Pilates class once a week and it’s deceptively tough. You really work your whole body and strengthen your core. I’ve found it works wonders on my posture and in helping me towards a flat tum! And, of course, I’m a huge advocate of walking – I walk everywhere – I’ve always got a pair of flat shoes in my handbag!’

Best… meal of the day?
‘It has to be breakfast, but weekend breakfasts! When I’m working, I have breakfast at about 5.30am – a quick bowl
of porridge with honey or fruit and nuts. But breakfast at the weekend is wonderful – I like to read the papers with a boiled egg and soldiers or an omelette, lots of toast and a big cafetière of fresh coffee!’

Best… meal for entertaining?
‘Paella – it’s about the only thing I can do that is in any way impressive! I always serve it with lots of hot garlic bread and a bottle of Rioja.’

Best… role model?
‘My mum who has the energy of a teenager and who always looks on the bright side of life.’

Quick-fire question: City smoke or country fresh?
‘I love bird-watching, yomping up hills and walks on the beach, but I enjoy the buzz of London, too. I’ve got the best of both worlds!’

It’s a family affair
Lorraine describes how she relies on different family members for advice and how they influence her…

Whether you listen to the advice your relatives give you is debatable, but what do Lorraine’s loved ones tell her?

‘The best piece of advice I was ever given was from my granny, Margaret McMahon, (my mum’s mother) who told me never to save anything for “best”. If you have perfume, spray it on, and always wear your poshest underwear – every day should be considered “best”. She was a big believer in “seize the day”.

‘My husband, Steve, is a great calming influence and always tells me not to let things get to me and to chill out; while my daughter, Rosie, gives me brilliant fashion advice and stops me from being too frumpy or mutton dressed as lamb!’…

Great guests
Every year, Lorraine shares sofa space with hundreds of celebs but do any stand out for our guest editor?

‘Sarah Brown was delightful – a very decent person. Underneath that shy reserve she’s good fun,’ says Lorraine.

‘And Russell Brand is always a joy. He flirts beautifully and is interesting, funny and bright.’ After interviewing Russell in April this year about his new film Arthur, Lorraine tweeted just one example of his ‘beautiful flirting’: ‘Russell Brand informs me that I’m a MILF. Very chuffed!’

This article was first published in at home with Lorraine Kelly in May 2011. [Read the digital edition here]

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