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Linda’s Foreword

Hello there! Well, I can hardly believe it’s been a whole year since my last At Home magazine, but here we are again. You know, it’s definitely true what they say about the correlation between time accelerating and the number of candles on your birthday cake. I’ll just have to get more adept at hiding the candles! This is my fourth issue (for those of you who are counting or collecting) and as usual there’s lots in here to get you reading, get you thinking, and most important of all, get you decorating…

I know from watching all the programmes currently on TV that many of us dream of living abroad, and earlier this year I got the chance to design and decorate my own Spanish Villa. Well OK, you’ll soon realise that it wasn’t exactly in Spain, nor was it technically my own, but a girl can dream can’t she? The villa was one hundred percent Spanish, but built under the roof of London’s Earls Court Exhibition Hall, as part of this year’s Ideal Home Show. Some of you may have walked through it. It was a fantastic opportunity for me to show how you can bring old-world Mediterranean sensibilities into a contemporary ‘new build’ villa. Decorating is such a great thing, isn’t it? It can always send my head and my heart to the most wonderful places, and for a moment or two back then in chilly April I really could have been in sunny Spain!

Closer to home, your own houses continue to reflect your passion for design, and hardly a day goes by without someone asking me for some interiors advice or a tip on what accessories are going to be hot this time next year. Who would have thought all that time ago that Changing Rooms could have started such a long lasting avalanche of decorating activity and, although it’s now left our screens for good, I know many of you still remember it very fondly indeed. As for me, happily my opportunities for design work still continue at a pretty hectic pace, working for both domestic and commercial clients, and getting to create a few sofas here and there as well! I’m very grateful to be able to say I’m enjoying life right now, and I really hope you enjoy what we have brought you in this magazine.

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