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Welcome to At Home and Away with Judith Chalmers – the definitive guide totravel.What I love so much about travelling the world, is that there are always more places to visit, more sights to amaze you and feed your mind.

The years keep going by, but there is always more to discover. So much is happening in the world of tourism that one constantly needs to keep up to date. But it is notalways the new places that excite me.

That’s why I decided to go to Croatia again and last summer I went back to the Croatian Adriatic. It had been some twenty years since my last visit, when the country was still Yugoslavia. It was a fascinating trip and I am pleased to report its natural beauty remains intact.

Another country that made a great impression on me last year was Japan.Tokyo at first glance has all the elements of a typical capital city: traffic, pollution, shops, restaurants and fast food outlets, but once you leave the main streets there is a dramatic contrast between 21st century life and the ancient culture of Japan. Can you believe more than 12 million people live in the capital? Anyway I’ve done my best to describe my impressions of this fascinating country.

The travel industry continues to grow and cater for the ever more discerningtraveller. Some of these areas include the luxury and adventure markets.Cruise holidays are becoming increasingly popular so we have some greatfeatures on this aspect of travel too. City Breaks are perfect for those looking for a short holiday and we take you to Copenhagen, Budapest, Prague, Venice and St. Petersburg.There is plenty for families too, at home and away, so I am sure you will find something to interest you.

Happy Travelling.

Judith Chalmers

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