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Editor’s Foreword

No heart could fail to be moved by the trail of destruction caused by the tsunami that washed over Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, Thailand and their islands. Instead of joy, the year 2005 began with an overwhelming sadness and helplessness at not being able to do more for the hundreds of thousands killed, barely surviving or those desperately seeking missing loved ones.

It is said that out of all tragedy and evil there is good and the overwhelming show of humanity shows this is true. So many Britons who had already booked holidays to these areas have offered their time, skills and manpower to help the army of aid workers desperate to bring supplies to survivors who have lost everything.

Tourism, is to many of the parts of Asia affected by the disaster, an important income. It will be essential in the near future to support it, to help bring business and jobs back to these regions. The British are a resilient nation, as history has shown. Bali is now back on its feet after the bombing two years ago and much of that is thanks to new and old travellers.

In this 2005 issue of At Home and Away with Judith Chalmers magazine, we’ve combed the world to bring you a great selection of holiday destinations to suit families, couples, or anyone just wanting to get away, whether it is for the holiday of a lifetime or just a short break.

Dream holidays cost money so we’ve catered to all sorts of budgets – but just as there seems to be a fascination with the lives of celebrities we’ve put in a few luxury destinations that even the top stars will find hard to resist.

With low cost airlines offering cheaper flights and access to so much information on the internet the individual holiday market continues to grow. But competition seems healthy as tour operators are offering more and more options and constantly keeping up with the demands of today’s traveller.

Deciding where to go, and what sort of a holiday to have, is all part of the adventure. Planning, is an integral part of any holiday and in this edition of At Home and Away with Judith Chalmers we have combined destinations with practicalities. Whatever holiday you desire whether it is romantic, adventurous, family orientated or just somewhere to relax, you will find lots of ideas in this magazine.

Travel is an ever-growing industry. New parts of the world are constantly being developed, new concepts of hotels and ways of getting there, are changing rapidly so we make sure you stay up to date.

Activity and adventure holidays are an area of travel that continues to grow. If you want to abseil, ride, ski, cycle or trek read on. For families thinking about the summer check out our long haul, European and UK choices. At Home and Away is guaranteed to put you in the mood for travel.

Many of you have already donated money to charities helping to provide emergency assistance to the victims of the Asian tsunami. Please keep up the good work.

Safe and happy travelling

Nicky Holford

* pictures supplied by AA World Travel

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