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Any parent will tell you that bringing up a family is a lot of hard graft, but they’ll also say that it’s immensely, almost immeasurably rewarding. With young, growing children at one end of the scale and ageing parents at the other, you’re now the cornerstone of your family’s health. And it follows that you’ve the greatest need of accurate and useable information about the health and well-being of your household.

I’ve always aimed to inform parents and to give them the confidence to follow their instincts. So to help you along I’ve divided my magazine into four clear sections.

Food Health is full of tasty ideas to prove that food low in fat, sugar and salt needn’t be boring! Family Health spans the health spectrum from alternative medicine to the secrets of a good night’s zzzz. Ideas for days out and holiday activities in Home Health will – I hope – be a godsend to stressed parents with a houseful of restless kids, whilst the straightforwardly clear approach of Sex Health aims to help you field awkward questions without fear of embarrassment.

It’s a magazine to be dipped into, to be lent to your partner or to friends, to be dog-eared on vital pages and to be kept as a reference. A magazine to supplement your medical knowledge and to help keep your household running smoothly.

If you’re not sure how to change old habits or introduce new routines, my first piece of advice is to start small. It’s counterproductive to make sudden alterations in your family’s diet or their living arrangements, especially in a household of strong personalities. Far better to begin with little things such as swapping full-fat for semi-skimmed milk or suggesting a walk in the park at the weekend. Chances are that they won’t even notice, let alone complain about the healthier option!

Remember, too, that your own health is important. You can’t act effectively and help others if you’re run down or under the weather. So to keep yourself in good shape, I’d recommend first that you read my article on simple health checks, and take it from there!

Enjoy a healthy family life!

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