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Mindfulness: the celeb craze

mindfulness250412The practise of Mindfulness has been growing in popularity among Hollywood’s red carpet glitterati…

Actress Goldie Hawn, 66, who acts as an advocate for the technique, has recently launched a ‘MindUp’ Mindfulness course for parents to use with their children. Fellow Hollywood actress, Meg Ryan, 50, swears by the technique, too: ‘By simply refocusing your awareness, you reshape your experience,’ she says. And US TV queen, Oprah Winfrey, 58, is so convinced by the power of Mindfulness that she has set up an entire television network– the Oprah Winfrey Network – devoted to what she calls ‘mindful television’. Here in the UK, meanwhile, comedienne Ruby Wax, 58, who has suffered with depression, is promoting Mindfulness as an effective way to beat the condition. ‘Now, when the onslaught of depression starts, I can see it through a different lens,’ she says. ‘You can really feel the difference.’



This article was first published in at home’s ’Ask the Doctor’ with Dr Christian Jessen in March 2012. [Read the digital edition here]



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