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The wedding planners

We love a good wedding, which is great news for us as we’ve recently planned three very different sets of nuptials for three very different couples!

Yup, as part of our new show, Colin & Justin’s Wedding Belles, on Ch5 we waved our style wands in a new direction giving our trio of weddings a unique and super-cool identity.

With this in mind ‘ and to point would-be ‘alter chasers’ in the right direction ‘ we’ve put together a hit list of Colin and Justin top tips. Follow our guide to the letter and make planning your big day stress free!

Stick to your guns
Remember whose day it is. Don’t be tempted into doing something just because your mother (or mother-in-law) thinks it’s best. The last thing you want is to look back on your first day of marriage and dwell on one silly regret or blame someone for ruining your joy!

Make the day your own
Just as package holidays aren’t to everyone’s taste, the wedding package can be a turn off, too. So don’t be scared to add personalised extras to make your day unique. We re’configured a marquee for one of our brides and transformed it from a boring single tent into a twin-tented extravaganza! We added an entrance chill-out room and a 40ft covered walkway (for the same budget!) by carefully re-negotiating with the hire company. It’s amazing what you can bargain when you play one company against another.

Keep the hens and stags safe
If you’re planning an overseas hen or stag trip make sure there’s comprehensive travel insurance in place just in case there are any slip-ups. Sure, you may want to get plastered on your hen or stag night ‘ but just don’t do it in a foreign hospital! And don’t forget your passport.

Create a checklist
When planning your big day, make a ‘to-do’ list and stick to it. It’ll keep you focused and ensure nothing is overlooked. Do the same with the budget and plan out exactly what you’re spending to avoid nasty shocks further down the line.

Prepare to entertain
Cater to all of your guests for all of the day ‘ and that doesn’t mean plying them with drink! It means making sure there are sufficient distractions throughout the wedding celebrations to keep everyone happy. For one of our weddings we hired a string quartet to play when photographs were being taken and we employed stilt walkers, fire eaters and even a falconer to keep guests entertained. All of this made the event feel even more special for everyone involved.

What’s good for the gander?
And how about a little sexual equality’ The bride spends enough on that gorgeous frock so why not treat the groom to a made to measure outfit’ We arranged for one of our grooms, to have a bespoke suit made by Timothy Everest, Tom Cruise and David Beckham’s tailor, and boy did he feel special! If it’s a fairytale wedding you’re after then provide enough magic for two.

Sort the seating
Table plans are critical ‘ place Aunty Betty beside someone with whom she’s had a family rift
and you’ll create a recipe for disaster. Think long and hard before finalising the seating arrangements.

Involve your guests
It’s just a wee detail but we included ‘special music request’ cards as part of one of our wedding RSVPs. Doing so ensured that everyone present was guaranteed to hear the DJ spin at least one song they liked.

Do your homework
Buy a good wedding planning book and stick to the guidelines ‘ it really makes sense to listen to the experts.

Maintain communication
Finally ‘ organise weekly catch-ups with all key participants to ensure everything is going to plan. Keep in touch with your caterer (if you’re having a wedding in a marquee, for example) your priest, your hotel or venue ‘ to iron out any problems before they become issues. Establish a dialogue with your florist to keep abreast of what is and isn’t available. Don’t forget to chat regularly with suit hire companies, and make sure your dress is safely at home well in advance of the big day.

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