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Saucy sex secrets

Saucy sex secrets

It’s time for liberation in the bedroom! Tap into that wild imagination of yours and try out some exciting new moves using these titillating tips.

1. Is your elusive G-spot as tricky to find as a man who doesn’t leave the toilet lid up and/or damp towels on the bedroom floor? Then get your hands on a curved vibrator – specially designed to help you find it – and rope your man into helping you on your voyage of discovery. Try sexpert Tracey Cox’s Supersex G-spot Orgasm Kit, £19.99 from, and you are bound to be right on target!

2. Blindfolds are incredibly sexy props for role play – they take away your inhibitions and build up anticipation. Cover his eyes and tease him – big time. Keep on bringing him close to boiling point; let him penetrate you, then slip yourself off, and do this again and again before finally allowing him to orgasm.

3. Need to improve your foreplay? Get out the Scrabble board. Yes, really! Instead of showing off your language skills, only spell out sexual words, describing the things you’d like to do to one another. Let’s just hope he’s a cunning linguist…

4. Does the thought of bondage fill you with about as much joy as a big, wet snog from Piers Morgan? Well, you might think differently after seeing the film Secretary. The saucy scene where Maggie Gyllenhaal and James Spader engage in a spanking session was once voted the sexiest moment on the big screen of all time. We suggest you start with a spot of playful slapping before introducing props like the back of a hairbrush, and keep the spanks light, telling your man to plead with you if he’d like you to spank him any harder.

5. Feeling more loved up than kinky? Try out the ‘spoons’ position – perfect for slow, sensual lovemaking, or for sleepy sex when you wake up feeling passionate. You both lie on your sides, like when you’re cuddling up, and he enters from behind. It’s especially good if you’re pregnant (or if you’ve just had a particularly large dinner) as it doesn’t put any pressure on your belly. How very relaxing indeed…

6. Invest in some bullet vibes. No, we haven’t gone all gangster on you – they’re like vibrators but smaller and less phallic – like bullets, funnily enough. And what they lack in size, they make up for in vibration. Use them to stimulate all your sensitive bits, and his – they work wonders on the frenulum, the string-like part of the penis where the shaft and head meet. They’re also discreet enough to carry around in your handbag, which certainly can’t be said of a rampant rabbit!

7. Write him saucy notes and leave them in unexpected places for him to find when you’re apart – his wallet is a good place. Tell him what you want to do to him and let the tension build until you get the chance to carry out your promises!

8. Take some horny goat weed. Yes, really. It might sound like something to help our farmyard friends engage in the physical act of love, but in actual fact it’s a fundamental part of ancient Chinese medicine. Extracted from a wild, leafy plant called Epimedium, horny goat weed is said to increase libido and improve erectile function, too. So, make sure you offer him a healthy dose as well as using it yourself!

9. Discover your A-spot, otherwise known as a sensitive spot halfway between your G-spot and your cervix. This is most easily found in a position where your feet are over his shoulders. Start by getting into the missionary position (but do NOT stay there!) and – once he’s penetrated you – he should then sit up and bring both of his legs forward, leaning back to support himself on his hands. You do the same but with your ankles on his shoulders and your hips lifted. This will provide you with an arousing, yet intimate view of your man as you both lock eyes. Join the A-list!

10. Dress up for him. Try wearing a wig that’s different to your natural hair colour – it’s one of the best ways of transforming yourself into a different character, sans embarrassment. Remember to keep your clothing tight but comfortable, and think leather, not lace. Then, tie him up and have your wicked way with him – Miss Whiplash has got nothing on you!

11. Are you one of the many women who can only climax through clitoral stimulation? Don’t worry, because you’re in the majority! A great position to maximise your chances of reaching orgasm without direct clitoral stimulation is the ‘swimming’ position. Lie on top of your man with your legs atop his legs, and slide yourself up and down against him. Always a winner.

12. They’re finger puppets, but not as we know them. Try experimenting with a 5-in-1 finger vibe, which delivers five different types of vibration to stimulate all of your erogenous zones – and his hot spots, too. Get yours now for £26.95 from

13. Give him a sexy lap dance on the sofa, and, once he’s sufficiently hot and bothered, hop on board, supporting yourself with your knees. Vary the sensations by turning around – and you’ll get much deeper, and more satisfying, penetration. You saucy little minx!

14. Give a hand job an interesting twist – quite literally. The frenulum, situated on the underside of his penis, is a sensitive spot – so add to your basic stroke by twisting your hand as you reach the point where the head meets the shaft.

15. If a fictional Marian Keyes romp seems more appealing than a real life one, boost your sexual appetite by taking ginseng. Scientific studies have proven that it increases energy levels and, more importantly, stimulates sexual function. And you really can’t argue with that now, can you?

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First published in At Home: The Lifestyle Issue with Carol Vorderman – May 2013

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