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Antony’s Foreword


Welcome to this issue of At Home with – me! There’s so much in this magazine that it’s hard to know where to begin!
I do hope the big interview with me gives you an insight into how I fill my hectic days and into what life is like as an author, a TV presenter, a chef, a dad, a husband and a ‘celebrity’ – of sorts. There are few dull moments, I can tell you, and I wonder sometimes if me and my wife, Jay, will ever get to enjoy some lazy days in our house in Spain again. But I am not complaining, honestly, as I truly love my life as it is.

As the winter draws in I can almost smell the aroma of a beautiful, steaming bowl of stew – my favourite of all comfort foods. Why not consider getting the old casserole pot out and start slow-cooking the sort of traditional meals that we used to enjoy when ready-meals weren’t around?

I have to admit that it’s all true – I do love my pigs. At the moment I am trying to persuade more breeders and farmers to help boost the numbers of the Middle White variety that I have rampaging around my garden.

I just think that you can’t beat quality, organically-raised meat – it means the pigs have a much better life and we enjoy much better Sunday roasts!

In fact, as anyone who knows me will tell you, I believe that eating organic anything, be it fruit, veg or meat, is just so good for you. It keeps illnesses at bay and means less horrible chemicals get into your system. If we are to raise a generation of kids that aren’t terribly obese and prone to all sorts of life-threatening diseases, we simply have to start changing our unhealthy eating habits.

Cooking well is a product of knowledge and experience – and a little creative flair of course. I hope that you will find plenty of recipe ideas, tips and interesting ways to, for example, prepare some delicious fish dishes or cook well with pork.

Indeed, much of your copy of At Home is about eating great, simple-to-cook, healthy foods that keep your battery fully charged and are a treat to eat. Wash down these fab foods with a glass of wine from a grape-growing region of the world as recommended by wine guru, Oz Clarke, and life couldn’t be better!

Enjoy the magazine – I hope it inspires you in your culinary quest!


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