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The beauty of bespoke kitchen furniture

One of the most important aspects in your home for harmonious living is to have an attractive, well-appointed kitchen. Does yours fit the bill? If not, here are our ideas for remodelling and redecorating your way to success…

If you want to transform your kitchen and give it a whole new look, your options are plentiful. Decide on a colour scheme, buy new furniture, and then there’s the flooring, lighting, tiles, new accessories; you could even have a go at re-designing the layout!

Here we explore the secrets for planning a successful kitchen – including what you should be looking out for and a few of our favourite design ideas.

Create your own vision
Before making any decisions about your soon-to-be stylish kitchen, make a detailed plan of exact measurements – including boilers, windows, and floor-to-ceiling height.

Decide what you want from a new kitchen.
Whether it’s a second fridge, an island unit, more plug sockets, or a boiler removed. Ensure your new kitchen has adequate storage solutions. You may want your chic china collection on display, but your pots and pans hidden!

Choose your layout
The layout of a kitchen depends largely on your lifestyle. If you cook a lot, then worktops are essential, as is a large oven, hob and microwave. If there’s often more than one cook in the kitchen, then the size of your prep area is important.

If your kitchen is used for more than just cooking, such as entertaining or studying, you may require a larger dining area. If you have small children, it’s wise to place your storing cabinets up high, so that they are completely out of their reach.

Situate the most used equipment and work areas near each other to allow you to work more efficiently.

You might group together the microwave, dishwasher and sink, whilst others may choose the hob, cooker and worktop to be grouped.

Think before you buy
It’s wise to visit the showroom before purchasing your kitchen. Look closely at the finishing – are the doors, hinges and drawers of a high quality?

Classic beech and maple furniture is quite neutral, so will make your home more saleable than bolder colours such as cherry wood.

At their workshops in Nottingham, Edwin Loxley produces some of Britain’s finest bespoke kitchen furniture. The craftsmen work in beautiful timber, such as English oak, and more exotic timbers such as black American walnut and Canadian red cherry. Solid hard wood doorframes, extra thick doors, recessed butt hinges and dovetail jointed drawer boxes are just some of the hallmarks of the Edwin Loxley brand.

Focus on: ISLANDS
Opting for an island in your kitchen will provide both more storage and more worktop space. You can allow the island to become the centre of activities. Don’t forget to include lighting over the area – you don’t want it too dark. You should also consider what you would like on your island – facilities such as a hob or sink might come in handy, as will extra worktop space if you have children.

A selection of styles

Take a look at Edwin Loxley’s selection of beautiful kitchen sets. Every commission is unique and designed specifically to suit individual tastes and requirements.

Shaker kitchen
We like this look – a blend of dark and light wood is very effective, and the sink used on the island is a practical finishing touch.

Painted kitchen
This is ideal if you don’t have a separate dining room in your home, because the family can sit down for a meal together in the kitchen instead.

Fluted Shaker kitchen
This large kitchen allows for two dining areas and high storage to house kitchen accessories such as pots and pans.

Traditional kitchen
The high stools on the island provide an alternative seating area – handy to eat breakfast at in the morning rush!

Shaker kitchen
We love this bright kitchen, with granite worktops and wooden panels. Overall, it’s got a very contemporary feel.

Photos: Edwin Loxley/Shutterstock


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