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Anns top tips

It’s easy to add £10k to the value of your home with, the House Doctor’s top tips for bringing your interiors up to scratch…

Make an entrance…

Remove all clutter so the passage into the house isn’t restricted and the door opens freely.
Be sure the lighting is sufficiently bright, but not glaring. If fittings are looking a little dated, change them.
Create a focal point by boxing in the radiator with a cover and using the shelf for a couple of favourite ornaments. This will break up even the longest hallway.
A fresh green plant or vase of flowers strategically placed at your front door will add a bit of life as well as a welcoming touch.
Repaint dark, claustrophobic halls with a warm, paler colour to maximise the existing light and create the illusion of space.

Create a cool kitchen…

Clean everything thoroughly. It’s essential that your kitchen looks as hygienic and functional as possible.
Clear all inessential clutter, including last night’s washing up and anything that has collected on the top of units.
If the units look dated, consider painting them or even replacing the doors or handles altogether.
If taps, cookers or the hob has seen better days, replacing them is not that expensive and can give a brand new look to an old kitchen.
Finish off all minor repairs.

Enjoy your living room…

Pay attention to the windows. Clean them, take away clutter that’s obstructing the view and frame them with curtains or blinds.
Make a focal point of the fireplace, a special furniture grouping or even an interesting piece of art.
Tidy up the bookshelves. Group books in size order for a feeling of uniformity. To create a sense of space, leave room for one or two special ornaments.
Arrange the furniture so there’s easy passage through the room.
Having all the furniture lined up around the walls only makes the room look smaller and less welcoming.

Gain bathroom bliss…

No bathroom can be too clean, so use all your elbow grease to get surfaces really fresh and sparkling.
Get rid of fitted carpets. They absorb moisture, often look tatty and smell bad.
Use only water resistant floor coverings here – lino, marmoleum, vinyl, ceramic or mosaic tiles.
If the tiles around the bath and basin are showing their age, you could apply a coat of specialist tile paint for a cheap and easy modern new look.
Pot pourri, scented candles and pretty fragrant soaps and oils will add a sensual feel to the atmosphere and will mask any unwanted odours.

Discover delightful dining…

If you’re fortunate enough to have a separate dining room, don’t let it double as an office or play room.
If you need to freshen up the walls, choose colours that are warm and invite dining and entertaining. If using wallpaper, be sure that it’s not too busy or overpowering.
Freshen up old dining chairs with smart new seat covers or by adding small, comfortable cushions.
Cover a particularly tatty table with a new tablecloth or table runner, that will hide a multitude of sins.
Fresh flowers in a beautiful vase in the centre of the table will provide a stunning focal point.

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