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Annabel’s Foreword

Welcome to At Home with Annabel Karmel

I don’t know about you but my heart sinks when I read about the health of our nation’s children and the terrifying increase in childhood obesity. I know that diet isn’t only to blame, lack of exercise is also a major factor, but I think we must all play our part in tackling this issue.

I’m concerned when I see lunchboxes full of processed, calorie-laden foods when a much healthier, often cheaper option can be just as tasty. And don’t even mention jars of baby food that claim to be good for two years. Would you eat food that’s two years old? No, so why’s it OK for your baby?

The powerful food companies would like us to forget how to cook so we have to keep on buying their overly processed, salt- and fat-laden ready meals. I am passionate about empowering mums and dads to cook fresh, natural food for the whole family to enjoy.

With a little bit of help from me, you too can be making really nutritious food that not only tastes great but is often as affordable as the pre-made, manufactured alternative. I can also promise that without spending hours in the kitchen you and your kids will love the results.

If you want more help, I have a great new website that’s been designed to be a friendly forum for parents everywhere, packed full of recipes, tips and advice – You’ll also find information about my books and my Make your own baby food range in Boots. Come in and say hello; it would be great to have you join our community.

I hope you enjoy the advice and recipes in this magazine just as much as I loved creating them.


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