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Andrew’s top 10 tips for selling your home

Impress prospective buyers and maximise your sale

  1. Put yourself out. Selling your house is all about real inconvenience. If you don’t put any effort in, it could lose you thousands of pounds.
  2. Make sure your front door is well painted and immaculate. It is the first contact any prospective buyer will have with your home.
  3. Have a sniff. If your home smells bad, sort it out. Buyers and nasty niffs just don’t go.
  4. Keep your kitchen spotless. Shining taps and pristine work surfaces say ‘clean house.’
  5. Good lighting is essential for creating the right atmosphere and making your home look its best. Try to avoid fluorescent and economy bulbs as these create gloomy light.
  6. Make sure your home is a comfortable temperature. Buyers don’t want to break into a sweat.
  7. Don’t think the furniture in your house doesn’t affect its sales value – it does. Terrible furniture says you don’t care about the house, while good furniture says you do.
  8. Be critical of your home. If a house like yours has been sold but it had a new bathroom and yours doesn’t, don’t expect yours to sell for the same price.
  9. No matter what their style and size, bathrooms must say clean, relaxing and functional.
  10. Put the stuff that you need day to day in stylish boxes and baskets, with lids. From the book Selling Houses, by Anthea Massey with Andrew Winter, published by Headline, £12.99

Build it up
Looking for a great workman?
A good tip from the Federation of Master Builders is to always go by recommendation – speak to previous clients and check out past work.

The last word
You know it’s time for some changes when…

  • You can’t walk through your front door without scrambling your way through clutter.
  • Your kitchen units are so old the doors are all falling off… revealing your equally ancient health hazard saucepans.
  • Your avocado bathroom suite is so retro it’s come back into fashion.. and then gone out again.
  • You have to dress your kids up in protective gear from head to toe before you let them venture into the overgrown jungle which was once your back garden.
  • You are still using the Mr Men duvet set your mum bought for you when you were five.

photographs: Nicky johnston, shutterstock, ISTOCK

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