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Andrew Winter’s Foreword

It’s a tough time in the property market at the moment, with the credit crunch problem making everyone nervous.

But having been in the property game for over 23 years I know that in this market there is always a time of highs which are inevitably followed by lows – and it always come back around again because it is cyclical.

My advice in situations like this is do not panic! The wonderful thing about the UK housing market is it always bounces back, so hold tight and look at your options. There is a constant demand for housing stock and if you find you really do need to sell in a difficult market, of course focus on trying to get the best possible price for your home, but do factor in costs of not selling and the fact that a home you may want to buy will be dropping too!

In the meantime, read this magazine and find out some great tips on everything to do with property from buying to selling, from making a profit and investing in property to demystifying the mortgage maze. Learn how to spruce up the outside and inside of your house to make it a home.

Our regional breakdown section will give you an insight into what’s on offer where you live. And if you need to know about affordable housing, read our special section to find out how your region measures up.

On a final note, if you are buying to live in, make sure you buy a home, not just a property you think will make you money. In my experience, homes that people choose because they’ll be great to live in often outperform other housing. I love houses – hope you do too – and I hope you enjoy the magazine.

Andrew’s top 10

  1. Penthouse suite or rambling stately home?
    I’d choose the rambling stately home as I’m a family man.
  2. Victorian or Georgian?
    Georgian – I love the style so much. There’s something so comfortable about it, if architecture was like women, this period would be a classic catwalk model.
  3. Country life or city life?
    Country now as I’ve got kids – they can make noise and you don’t have to worry.
  4. Wide-screen television or state-of-the-art stereo system?
    Big TV with stunning sound system attached.
  5. Noisy neighbours or nosey neighbours?
    Nosey please – it gives you peace of mind knowing that they’ve always got an eye on what’s going on.
  6. Clean lines or country cosy?
    Jury out on this one – blend together and you have the ultimate liveable space.
  7. England or Australia?
    Sorry, I’d have to choose Australia! But of course I still love my home country England, too.
  8. Lots of light or lots of space?
    Light is always the winner, I hate dark homes and also homes where you can’t see any outside life or movement.
  9. Swimming pool or games room?
    Pool – on warm summer days, having one in the garden is yummy.
  10. Luxury kitchen or luxury bathroom?
    Kitchen – because I’m shallow, and visitors are more likely to see it than the bathroom.

Written By Andrew Winter
Photo: Nicky Johnston, Shutterstock
First Published in At Home with Andrew Winter, June 2008

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