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Gotta have it

From the hottest new home entertainment systems to the coolest pocket-sized gadgets, we look at what’s hip and hot.

Everyone loves a gadget or two. To keep your life and home up-to-date this season, get your hands on some of these top audio gadgets and systems.

Apple MacBook Pro
This notebook has the latest Intel Core 2 Duo processors, memory up to 4GB and high-speed graphics in a lightweight, aluminium enclosure that is just 1 inch thin. The MacBook Pro is available in 15-inch models with a new mercury-free, power-efficient LED-backlit display and a 17-inch model with an optional high-resolution display. MacBook Pro, from £1,300, Apple

Archos 705 WiFi
Play all your digital entertainment on the Archos 705 WiFi portable video. You can record and schedule your favourite TV shows, enjoy the high-resolution 7-inch touch screen, view photos, make slide shows with music and effects, or simply listen to music. 705 WiFi, from £330, Archos

Sonos Bundle
You can wirelessly stream music throughout your house with Sonos. It is a multi-room digital music system that allows you to play your favourite music all over your house, and control it from the palm of your hand. Sonos Bundle, from £700, Sonos

Zeppelin is an integrated iPod speaker system from Bowers & Wilkins, makers of the speakers that much of the music on your iPod will have been monitored on. The new iPod docking station, Zeppelin, will fill a room with crisp, deep, lifelike stereo sound, and deliver musical detail that you wouldn’t have believed possible from an iPod. Zeppelin will be available in the UK in early 2008, £399, B&W 4

Pioneer PdP-5000EX
With a resolution of 1920 x 1080, the Pioneer PDP-5000EX plasma is capable of displaying the entire range of high definition sources. This means the display achieves the ultimate in high-definition image detail, colour accuracy and fast-moving image clarity. PDP-5000EX, from £6,000, Pioneer

This high-definition player from LG allows you to have the best of both worlds. It delivers excellent quality video from both HD DVD and Blu-ray Discs. BH100, £830, LG

Blackberry Pearl
Get organised with a Blackberry Pearl. It comes complete with a digital camera, multimedia capabilities and expandable memory. And it offers everything you would expect from a smartphone – phone, email, web browser, text messaging, instant messenger as well as organiser applications. What’s more, you can customise it with games, accessories and more. Blackberry Pearl, from £260, Blackberry

Philips HTS9800W
This home-entertainment system promises an unsurpassed viewing and listening experience. Thanks to wall-mountable and wireless features, the streamlined design, matching any flat-screen TV, will blend with your interior. HTS9800W, £699, Philips

Home entertainment solution

The What Hi-Fi award-winning n-Vi from Naim Audio is everything you need for home entertainment in one elegant box: a DVD and CD player, AV processor, and five-channel audio amplifier. Add Naim’s n-System 5.1 speaker package for the complete high-end home-theatre experience. Combining DVD and genuine high-end
hi fidelity sound quality, the n-Vi home entertainment system makes music and film reproduction simple. The n-Vi will play DVD, DVD-A and CD formats and decode Dolby® Digital, Dolby® Pro Logic II and DTS material. Connectivity for iPod or other MP3 players plus an optional FM/DAB tuner module, means the n-Vi is one of the very few truly complete high-end home entertainment products. For more information visit

Sky HD
The Sky HD Designer Boxes (five in total) offer the ultimate in-home viewing experience with sharper, clearer, more vibrant pictures and Dolby Digital surround sound on many programmes. Sky HD Designer Box, £199 to £299 when taken with a Sky HD subscription, Sky HD 4

This great transportable entertainment system is very flexible. It would make a perfect bedside companion, waking you up with music or a preset radio station, and its unique digital active loudspeaker technology fills any room with a clear sound. It can also play your DVDs when connected to a display device. F80, £1,500, Meridian Audio

iPod touch
The iPod touch features Apple’s revolutionary multi-touch user interface that enables users to find and enjoy all their music, videos and more on its gorgeous widescreen display with just the touch of a finger.

It also includes Wi-Fi wireless networking, the first on any iPod. And the iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store lets users wirelessly browse, preview and buy songs and albums. iPod touch, from £199, Apple

DreamVision DreamBee
This is a high-performance, stylish full HD projector from DreamVision. Created by renowned French designer Pinault Le Porcher, it comes in a variety of high-gloss colours and features D-ILA technology for the most realistic picture quality imaginable. Plug in a high-def source like a Blu-ray or HD-DVD player, or an HD broadcast service like Sky, and you can have a vibrant, cinema-sized picture at home – the ultimate home entertainment experience. DreamVision DreamBee video projector, £6,999, Absolute Sounds

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