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Welcome from Anita Roddick

When the publishers approached me, I thought long and hard about what always turns me off when I read articles about entrepreneurship. I loathe the way this subject is usually written about, as if it is just financial science penned by bank managers, systems' enthusiasts and addicts of process. I had no intention of going down that road. What I envisioned was something radical, brave and way more heretical. ...

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Why I’m glad I never went to business school

Want to be an entrepreneur like Anita Roddick? The founder of The Body Shop reveals how growing up as an outsider gave her the drive and passion to pursue her dream. I never went to business school. I went to the business school of life. And I did so from a very early age, too. I was brought up in a large Italian immigrant family, with a work ethic that teetered on the verge of slave labour. We got up every ...

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How Green is you Office

Anita Roddick is, and always has been, passionate about the environment. Here she reveals how every one of us can do our bit to make it a better world. Countless times I am asked this question: 'How can I be more ethical and environmentally friendly, not only in my business, but in my office – and will all this cost a fortune?' The good news is you can transform your workplace and it will be good for ...

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Be the Best Boss

To successfully lead a company, there's an awful lot you need to know about management, training, employment laws and insurance. Here's a quick guide to some key points. It might seem absurdly obvious, but to be a good manager you need to manage yourself. That means your leadership should be an example that is more about 'do as I do', rather than 'do as I say'. If you really want to get to grips with the sk ...

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Don’t Do This

What are the 20 worst mistakes you can make when setting up and running a business? Anita Roddick, who admits she made her own errors of judgement during The Body Shop years, has some sound words of advice for potential entrepreneurs. The business pages of newspapers over the last few years have been filled with some of the worst mistakes a business executive can make: Kenneth Lay at Enron, Dennis Koslowski ...

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