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Planning your living room with precision

We make a great many demands on our living rooms and if you want yours to function effectively, it takes a bit of planning. It's likely that you use this room for relaxing, watching TV or listening to music in the evenings, but the chances are it's also where you entertain friends, read, wrap presents, write letters, practise yoga, sew or carry out a host of other chores and hobbies through the day. You may ...

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If you like it, anything goes

Anna Ryder Richardson isn't all shocking pink and leopard- skin, she'll have you know "I'm not really like that," she explains. "All of us who were originally on Changing Rooms have changed as designers. We've become set in our own looks, and we're known for them, but we've developed as designers as the series has moved on." Anna's own home in the heart of Glasgow, which she shares with ...

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I’m passionate about stone

Gazing across Linda Barker's stunning kitchen into the conserv-atory it's hard to believe that only a short while ago this huge, airy space was divided into three gloomy, tumbledown rooms furnished with just a sink and a cooker. "It was so hideous," says Linda. "When we moved in three years ago our friends thought we were crazy. There were earth floors, no floorboards, rot in the living room ...

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Home is where the Art is

It's not what you collect but the way you display it that counts. The skill lies in deciding how best to arrange possessions either singly or in groups, colour-themed or deliberately mismatched to create that designer look in your own home. Get it together Start by putting all your treasures side by side. Set aside your very special pieces. Place all items of a similar colour in another group. Throw out any ...

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A practical guide to planning a beautiful bathroom

The bathroom is an increasingly important room in today's home. It is arguably a room where we spend the most time, and as bathroom manufacturers rise to the challenge of creating more stylish products it is fast becoming a centre for modern design. But where to start to plan a new bathroom? This isn't easy, as it's one of the most awkward rooms in the house to design. Most are small and require rigorous pl ...

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