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Paint Effects In The Garden

Paint is a favourite decorating tool and the outdoor possibilities are huge, so grab a brush and get yourself some all-weather, all-season colour. We're planting, potting and pruning outdoors as never before as enthusiasm for decorating spills out of the house. Current garden design is inspired partly by what we're doing indoors, closely linking the two areas, and dispelling the idea of the garden as a spac ...

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Insulating Your Home

Although some types of home insulation cost thousands, others will set you back just a few pounds and still help keep your home warm and your bills low. No-one likes paying out more than necessary for anything, yet if your home is poorly insulated, you might as well throw your hard-earned money out of the window. As if this wasn't bad enough, escaping energy damages the environment too adding to global warm ...

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Kitting Out The Garden

Arches, pergolas, tunnels, arbours and gazebos are all ways of literally raising the profile of your garden - and of increasing the growing space. These, and other garden buildings, are available in kit form and can be constructed by the competent DIYer. You don't have to be a master builder to construct impressive wooden or metal features in your garden. Self-assembly kits cover everything from simple arch ...

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Home Maintenance

Regular house maintenance is well worth a small amount of effort - it will ensure that you and your family stay protected for years to come. Home Comforts We expect our houses to shelter us year after year, yet we rarely give a thought to the extremes of heat, cold, wind and wet that they have to withstand. However, if you want to stay warm, dry and safe at home, it's a two-way process - look after your pro ...

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Get The Best Out Of Your Builder

The good news: most of you will be subjected to the dust and debris of renovation only once or twice in your life. The bad news: to create your dream home you will almost certainly need the services of a good builder - and your friends' horror stories would have you believe that there is no such thing. But don't give up hope. Good builders do exist - if you know where to look - and you can have you renovati ...

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Bathroom Plumbing

You don't always have to pay the plumber. Basic bathroom plumbing - such as installing a simple shower and dealing with WC flushing and overflow problems - can be tackled by the competent DIYer. The plumber will always be happy to call, no matter how small the job. In fact, the smaller the job, the better. It might be easy for him, but the bill will still be sizeable. If you want a new bath and state of the ...

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