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My Dream Home

Sarah Beeny can work her magic on pretty much any property she takes on – but even she can’t work the miracle that would be required for her perfect domestic set-up. Her main home is an idyllic Georgian house in rural Yorkshire – but her TV commitments mean that she and her family are spending most of the time in their flat in south west London. “We have a really small flat in London ...

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1st Impressions

First impressions count – and it’s important your home has that all-important ‘Wow!’ factor when a potential buyer first walks through the door. Freshening up the windowsills and giving the door a lick of paint can pay dividends in helping your property stand out from the crowd, and increase the value. Good-quality exterior paint will freshen up even the most tired frontages, making ...

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Soiled Goods

Plants take in their food through their roots, so the question of soil should be the first and constant concern of the gardener. To get the best results in the garden you need to understand your soil, keep it in good condition and always consider what is happening around plants roots. It's important to make sure the feeding, physical condition and drainage of the soil are adequate and balanced.   ...

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Deck Out Your Garden

The most popular place for a deck is just outside the house, replacing a traditional stone patio. However, any sunny spot in the garden is a candidate for a deck. A deck can complete a pond feature with containers full of plants, be an extension to a garden chalet to catch the evening sun at the end of a garden, a walkway through the garden, or even laid out as the floor of a roof garden. It can merge into ...

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Fine Wine

Despite rivals from the Old World and the New, the pre-eminence of France remains secure. The country has a history of wine production and appreciation that goes back 2000 years to the Romans. Not only can France boast most of the best-known producers in the world, it can also be proud of having given us the great wine types and for initiating models of cultivation, production and quality control for the re ...

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